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The High Commission

The Trinidad and Tobago High Commission based in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital, conducts the day-to-day relations between the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago and the Government of The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The High Commission is headed by a High Commissioner who is the official representative of the President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago to The Federal Republic of Nigeria. The High Commissioner is appointed by the President on the advice of the Prime Minister who is the Head of Government.

The High Commission promotes and protects Trinidad and Tobago’s national and foreign policy interests, particularly its foreign trade, investment and tourism interests throughout Nigeria. In this regard, the High Commission is directly responsible to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Port of Spain and through it, to the Government.

The High Commission provides services on substantive immigration matters such as the issuance of Passports and restoration of citizenship. The High Commission also responds to general information inquiries about Trinidad and Tobago, or refers inquiries to the relevant Ministry or agency in Trinidad and Tobago that can assist. The High Commission can assist Trinidad and Tobago nationals in distress under specific guidelines.

How Can We Help You?

Staff at the High Commission can help you in some ways if you get into difficulties while in Nigeria, but there are some limitations. We:

  • Can give you guidance when in trouble with the primary aim of helping you to help yourself.
  • Can help arrange for the issuance of a replacement passport (for example if yours is lost or stolen).
  • Can help you to contact relatives or friends back home to request financial assistance, if you get into financial difficulties.
  • Can provide you with documentation to repatriate bodies to Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Cannot pay your hotel, travel or other bills, bail or medical expenses.
  • Cannot help you with arrangements, which could be handled by local organisations, e.g. banks, lawyers, travel agents, undertakers.
  • Cannot give you legal advice or get you out of prison.
  • Cannot get you better conditions in prison or hospital than a local national would receive.
  • Cannot give you a loan. In a real emergency, family and friends in Trinidad and Tobago must arrange to deposit equivalent funds into the Treasury before financial assistance is extended.
  • Cannot trace missing persons or investigate a crime. These are police matters.
  • Cannot operate a personal mail service for you.
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Trinidad and Tobago High Commission, Nigeria.
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